Useful Tips for Clients with Nosy Friends

Clients who recently purchased a new home might find themselves in an awkward place when an inquiring mind – a friend, neighbor, colleague, or relative – questions them about the price of their home. Time Inc’s Money magazine has some helpful tips for people who don’t feel comfortable answering that question directly. Passing this information onto your clients could help them get out of sticky situation in the future.

Deflect the question with a joke. The writer of the Money article, Antonia Messa, suggests that recent home buyers could say something like, “How much did we pay? More than I would have liked!” Clients can use the joke as a “jumping-off point” for a bigger discussion about the current real estate market, bringing the attention away from their specific home and making the conversation more broad.

Present a unified front with your partner. Messa states that “some of the blame” can be shifted onto a spouse or significant other when an inquiring mind asks about the price of your home. Home buyers can say that they agreed with their partner not to discuss the home price, which hints that responding to the question is non-negotiable.  

Be upfront. If home buyers want to be more direct with their nosier friends or relatives, they can simply respond to the question by telling the truth and stating that they just don’t feel comfortable discussing the cost of their new home. This is an authentic, honest answer that should get the message across to the inquirer.    

Source: “Here’s What to Say When A Nosy Friend Asks How Much Your House Cost,” Money magazine (Oct. 14, 2014)