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My wife and I began looking for a new home in July of 2012. We were both anxious to hit the market but had no idea what we were getting into. Finding a realtor that we could trust was our first mission. Daniel was highly recommended and we took a chance with him. In the first couple weeks, we found out that the real estate market was really complicated. Daniel was great at explaining and answering every question that me and my wife had (Which were a lot). Daniel was very aggressive from the start when we found a home that we liked. However, Daniel soon found out that me and my wife were very picky when it came to homes. After 8 months of driving Daniel crazy, I am happy to say that we are now homeowners and extremely happy with the purchase. It was definitely worth the wait. We owe a great deal of gratitude to Daniel for sticking with us and walking us through every little step. If you are looking for an agent that will get the job done, then we suggest Daniel Salazar. Thanks again Daniel. Jose and Janet Gaytan
"We are very thankful to Daniel for helping us find our new home. He took the time to listen to what we wanted and showed us properties that were really good possibilities. I really appreciated that I did not have to chase Daniel down. Throughout the entire process he kept us informed and gave us updates on where we stood on everything. We are now enjoying a beautiful home that took care of all our must-haves. Rest assured that if you have any questions, Daniel will answer them for you. I have already recommended Daniel to my brother who will begin looking for his home shortly. Thank you Daniel for your professionalism." Thanks again Daniel. We are super happy with our purchase. This is exactly what we were looking for!!!! Diana and Adrian Diana and Adrian
Daniel was our choice because of his character,Integrity and a good friend of the family and a former Marine. We like to deal with military veterans as appossed to civilians. Daniel was very professinal as usual. Daniel went above and beyond the Families expectations. Great job!!! Daniel will get all referals from are family And a special thanks to Ray Miranda Yet another former Marine. Dean Riggs
Daniel met and exceeded our expectations. He answered all our questions and concerns quickly. A true professional. He kept us up to date and informed through the whole process. We highly recommend him to all. Edward Nortron
Linda and I would like to take this time to thank Dan Salazar for helping us get our new home. Dan gave his hope that we would be able to buy a home when others didn’t. We wanted to buy a home with a VA Loan and most all other agents said that it was close to impossible. It appeared that many investors were competing with us as buyers and that many banks wanted to deal with quick sales that meant conventional loans and “as is” guidelines. There were times when Dan seemed a little slow in recognizing our needs but I wasn’t worried for I knew that Dan served as a U.S. Marine and that he knew the meaning of “Semper Fi.” Dan was patient and worked with us. Dan was faithful to us and gave us great representation. I would recommend Dan Salazar to anyone looking for an excellent agent. Wishing you the best, Sam Villa United States Navy USS Providence (1966-72) “A Tradition of Honor” www.ussprovidence.org Sam Villa