Relocations Are Getting Shorter

Americans are moving shorter distances when relocating, and they are favoring suburbs and the Sunbelt region, hunting for lower density, more jobs, and cheaper housing.

Help Those on the Move

Many Americans are finding they don't have to go too far. Nearly half of county-to-county moves are less than 100 miles, according to newly released moving data from the Census bureau, which Trulia analyzed and combined with home prices, unemployment, density, and distance to see Americans' relocating patterns.

The following are the top five metro-to-metro moves of more than 100 miles (most of these moves are all within the Sunbelt and mostly within state).

  1. From Houston to Austin, Texas
  2. From Los Angeles to San Diego
  3. From San Diego to Los Angeles
  4. From Phoenix to Tucson, Ariz.
  5. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Nev.

Meanwhile, the most popular metro-to-metro moves of 500 miles or more are:

  1. From New York to Los Angeles
  2. From New York to Atlanta
  3. From Chicago to Phoenix
  4. From New York to Miami
  5. From Los Angeles to New York

"Some of these movers are lopsided — that is, people are much more likely to move in one direction than the other," the Trulia analysis notes. "More than three times as many people move from Los Angeles to Houston, and from New York to West Palm Beach, than the other way around."