Most Popular Exteriors on New Homes


Vinyl is the most widely used exterior on new single-family homes, according to the latest Census Bureau data. Vinyl (which includes vinyl-covered aluminum) was used for siding material on 27 percent of new homes nationwide in 2015, followed by stucco at 25 percent, brick or brick veneer at 22 percent, and fiber cement siding at 19 percent. Wood or wood products accounted for 5 percent of new homes.

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The materials used can vary drastically from region to region. For example, stucco was the most popular siding material in the Pacific and Mountain regions, at 57 percent and 55 percent, respectively. In the East and West South Central regions, at least 55 percent of new single-family homes last year used brick or brick veneer.

Take a look at this map from the National Association of Home Builders to see the most popular siding materials by region.

Source: “Vinyl Is the Most Widely Used Exterior on New Homes,” National Association of Home Builders’ Eye on Housing blog (July 7, 2016)